Man Cub: 8 Bit Crush

Out of their respective backgrounds in hardcore, punk and math-rock, both Danny Stillman and Alex Anderson have come together to start Man Cub.

And — with a shitload of guitar pedals, some perfect analog synth sounds and the driving pulse of a drum machine at their disposal — this innovative duo has created a debut EP that will most likely define a new breed of dance music for Denver. Anderson and Stillman have simply identified Man Cub’s 8 Bit Crush EP as “Ghettotech Rock.” Granted, this association fits, but the EP’s five tracks offer finer lyrical hooks and grittier beats than other Detroit-based dance music ever could.

“Sound,” for instance, has a strong emotional resolve with its celebratory mix of synthesized, detuned melodies and arching grooves. The intro track, “Made in Japan,” uses pitch-altered vocals, rough filtering and polyphony to straddle the line between sexuality and art. Fortunately, Anderson and Stillman are good at contrasting the sexiness of dance music with the artistic expression of technical compositions.

The two officially dropped 8 Bit Crush Feb. 5 at their debut show by handing out free download cards. A physical copy of the EP should be out in March, and the five tracks can also be found for download on While there are many options, we just recommend listening any way you can — especially if you want to shake off the doldrums of winter.

Author: Ian Gassman

Ian Gassman has contributed to The Metropolitan as a reporter since 2007 and previously held the music editor position, as well as the managing editor position. Ian is majoring in journalism with a concentration in news and editorial. He is also pursuing an independent minor in multimedia music reporting. Ian expects to graduate soon and hopes his foremost passions, music and writing, remain a central part of his life.

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