Sanctuary story: Felipe

Sanctuary story: Felipe

In a recent YouTube video message, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said, “If being a sanctuary city means that we value taking care of one another, and welcoming refugees and immigrants, then I welcome the title.”  What does it feel like to hold the title of “undocumented” in Denver? Here’s one man’s story. He stood there […]

Met Recipes: Scottish Shortbread

Met Recipes: Scottish Shortbread

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and this holiday season the Met Media staff wants to share some of our favorite recipes with you! This delicious recipe from Met Media assistant director Ronan O’Shea makes for a perfect addition to your dessert offerings. Compliment traditional pies, cakes and ice cream with this unique Scottish Shortbread […]

“The Dinner” loses morality while gaining calories

Violence. Murder. Deception. Love. In “The Dinner,” Herman Koch explores just how far a parent will go to protect their child. Originally published in the Netherlands in 2009, the novel was then translated into English and released Feb. 13. Set in a high-end restaurant, two Dutch brothers and their wives chit-chat over a five-course meal. […]


An orange leaf drifted into Joshua’s opened guitar case in front of an alley along Denver’s 16th street mall. He watched it land gracefully among some crumpled dollar bills and coins that passing pedestrians had dropped in the case while he played his bright red acoustic guitar. Joshua stood with one knee bent against the […]

About Dad (he quit drinking)

i now know the words to baba o’reilly The Who is always the answer I don’t know. Holey underwear and beer gut, he sits on the couch watching classic concert video ministry. It’s always my unfortunate timing in requiring a glass of water that gets me trapped in the words: “Who’s this? Who’s this on […]

Spring Cleaning (or death to the dust bunnies)

Once there was a room, it has changed hands several times and been 
scrubbed well with each change, until 2005 when our mother moved in to 
the room, she, like me couldn’t stand cleaning fumes. The dust bunnies
 heard this and started moving into corners, they met the pet fur that
 was moving about the […]