Goldspot Brewery hosts beer rollout for equality

Goldspot Brewery hosts beer rollout for equality

Goldspot Brewery hosted an event that invited equality on an uneasy inauguration day. While many groups have been opposed to the election others have been vehemently for it, this brewery decided to do something different. “It’s interrelated, but not directly,” said Event Coordinator and Brewer Kelissa Hieber. “We aren’t concerning ourselves with rhetoric.” Hieber, her coworkers […]

First Friday brings new way to discuss women’s issues, rights

Lack of women’s rights and equality is a real issue — one that Auraria’s feminist scholars are determined to address. On March 1, Feminist First Fridays held their first official meeting of the spring semester. The meeting took place in a conference room in the Student Success Building. The size of the room, however, was […]

Not all athletes are created equal: High participation rate does not mean equality

Black History month is upon us, and I can’t help but wonder if black student-athletes are really getting a fair game. I read recently that the participation rate of black collegiate athletes is at an all-time high, but graduation rates are not. This poses the question: is high participation rate a sign that black student-athletes […]