Walter White is Time’s Most Influential Fictional Character of 2013…and other news

walter-white-with-hatWhile we wouldn’t categorize magnitude of influence as distinctive of a well-developed character, we are fans of some of the people (and, er, animals) on this list. Walter White of Breaking Bad is a well-developed character and his existence certainly has impacted the lives of a hell of a lot of people…so we salute Time in their naming him the Most Influential Fictional Character of 2013.

  • The Millions has posted a coterie of columns from various writers such as Sam Lipsyte regarding their “Year in Reading,” circa 2013. For those who dig on prying into the bookshelves of others (or merely find themselves with a dearth of reading material,) have fun going down the rabbit hole on this one.
  • We like to offer our support to fellow travelers on the literary road and the Los Angeles Review of Books has been proffered an exceptional funding opportunity, insofar as a donor has offered to match funds up to $50,000. Help them out here.
  • Ezra Pound and James Joyce were penpals!
  • Frieze has a superb little video interview up with New York artist, John Currin, up online.

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