Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Preston Morse – Met Media Sales/Marketing Executive

Caitlin Monaghan – Met Media Sales/Marketing Executive

Stephen Priest Stephen Priest – Met Radio Sports Director

Erik Kemp Erik Kemp – Met Radio News Director

As News Director/BS Detector for Met Radio, I oversee and guide news content that goes over the Met Radio airwaves. I also wished I crocheted, but that’s not really news is it?  Career goal post graduation:  Travel the world, then take it over…and take up underwater basket-weaving as a hobby.

 Vinnie White   Vinnie White – Met Radio Music Director

 Dayna Himot Dayna L. Himot aka Dénouement – Deep Frequenciez

Project Manager DIME Sessions:60-minute DIME Sessions featuring DIME student artists and educators on Met Radio. Artists spotlights, interviews, and features. Weekly radio shows produced and hosted by DIME students and faculty from Detroit, but airing in Denver.  Career goal post graduation:  Freelance Social Documentary Journalist.

Albert Underwood (P.A.) – Met Radio Personality

I will have a punk show on Thursday afternoon at 4pm. I will play punk songs from all over the map. In addition, I will be on board with podcasts, radio jingles, movie, and music reviews for the website. I will also post photos for the website at all concerts I will attend.  Career goal post graduation:  To pursue a job/internship with THA or a fantastic PR job with a company I believe in.


Deanna Hirsch  Deanna Hirsch – Metrosphere Editor-In-Chief

Editor-in-chief entails leading a team of writers, photographers, artists and editors to produce a multimedia arts, lit and culture magazine.  Career goal post graduation:  To continue working in magazines as a writer/editor. Maybe go to grad school at some point and teach. Travel, travel, travel!

Teresa Diaz-Soriano – Metrosphere Assistant Editor

Digital Editor- Responsible for posting blogs, and managing bloggers, as well as directing, editing, and posting all multimedia content (videos, audio, gifs, etc.). Career goal post graduation:  Work as a writer for a creative company.

Carl Glenn Payne – Metrosphere Photojournalist/columnist

Career goal post graduation:  International conflict/environmental photojournalism

Jhocelyn Avendaño – Met TV General Manager

Douglas Coulter  Douglas Coulter – Met TV News Director

Andrea Herrera   Andrea Herrera – Noticiero TVMET Executive Producer

Celeste Zubia  Celeste Zubia – Met Report Sports Producer

I am the sports producer for the Met Report and I am in charge of our sports segment for every show.  Career goal post graduation:  To try and find an anchoring job or be a sideline reporter for any sport.

Miranda McHodgkins  Miranda McHodgkins – Met Report Lead Editor

Lead Editor my job is to check all the videos and make sure there are no mistakes and that they are in the right format. Than I have to put all the videos onto the drives for the show and make sure we have the recorded show on a drive. Then I have to edit the full show.  Career goal post graduation:  Become a backpack journalist for a tv news station.

Avery Anderson  Avery Anderson – The Nightly Met Producer/Anchor

I am the Graphics Producer which means I create and oversee any graphic that is a part of our show. I created all of our graphics from scratch. I am also the Asst. Editor, which means I manage all content on our social media platforms.  Career goal post graduation:  To work as a television producer.

  Addison Goodell – Met Report Set Manager

Career goal post graduation:  I want to be a reporter when I graduate from MSU and my long term goals are to become a correspondent for a network.

Josh Cozart  Josh Cozart – Met Report Weather Producer

Josh is The Met Report’s Weather Producer. He is in charge of overseeing each weather forecast and updating the public via social media during urgent weather events.  Career goal post graduation:  I would love to be on-air at a local television station as their meteorologist.

Juan Arrellano   Juan Arellano – Noticiero TVMET Sports Producer

Sports producer (Noticiero)/ reporter for Noticiero TVMET and Met Report.  Career goal post graduation:  Want to work at a Spanish newscasts or with a sports broadcasting company, mainly soccer.

Christina Kleeman – Met Report Reporter

Journalist/reporter. I am responsible for finding two news stories every week so that they can be aired in our weekly Friday morning student broadcast. May I add, it is the best experience of my life!  Career goal post graduation:  I want to become a news anchor/field correspondent/talking head. Maybe also do some comedy in the near future.

Joella Baumann – Metropolitan Editor-In-Chief

Turning my vision for our paper into reality. Also creating a welcoming space for our editors and writers to develop and grow their skills and interests. Last, but definitely not least, to grow our “brand” within MSU Denver and create something I can be proud of.  Career goal post graduation:  Int’l Journalism.

Metropolitan Managing Editor – Keenan McCall

Esteban Fernandez   Esteban Fernandez – Metropolitan News Editor

News Editor: All the news that’s fit to print! (Don’t sue me NYT).  Career goal post graduation:  Foreign Correspondent.

David Schaut – Metropolitan Sports Editor


Lauren Cordova – Metropolitan Photo Editor

Nichole Atwood   Nichole Atwood – Senior Graphic Designer

My position in the Creative Team is Senior Designer. Senior Designers are responsible for setting up the layout for the Metropolitan, creating ads, working with on and off campus clients, creating design materials for clients and events, creating revenue for Met Media by working on freelance projects, creating design materials which benefit the Met Media team such as press passes, business cards, logos, Met Media branding etc., and training new Creative Crew members.  Career goal post graduation:  After graduation, I would like to pursue a career working for a company focusing on children’s education or nutrition. I would also like to be involved in freelance web design.