Get Along Interview on Mile High Mic @GetAlongMusic

Releasing their new single “Death Of A Spirit Animal” after a long break of raising their daughter and making a family.

We talk about new goals now as parents in the music world and what they hope to achieve with their music. Cara gives us the best advice she has ever received and Nick tells us what it was like to become a drummer at a young age. They both enlighten us with acoustic songs and a peak at their highly anticipated new single. The show will be at Lost Lake Lounge April 7th and you can get your tickets here:…tm_medium=459899

Author: Gabriel Gutierrez

College Lifestyle & Marketing Representative at Universal Music Group for Denver Colorado. My position at Met Radio is the Music Director, setting up artist interviews, concert reviews, and album reviews. I also book and coordinate shows with the DIME Denver music program for local young bands and artists while recruiting future students.

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