Meet the Cast: Emma Messenger in ‘Mud Blue Sky’

Meet Emma Messenger

Messenger plays Angie in The Edge Theater Company’s production of Mud Blue Sky.

Hometown: Birmingham, England. But I grew up in Texas.

Home now: Denver

High school: A&M Consolidated High

College: Texas A&M University

Where have you recently performed?: Vintage Theatre and The Edge

Three words to describe yourself: Curious, Fat, Loved

Describe your perfect date night: Appetizers and buttery Chardonnay at Pappadeaux with Rich, followed by a wonderful show at Buntport.

Favorite food: My mother’s Oysters Rockefeller and her made from scratch cannelloni.

Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth.

Where can people find you on social media (your handle)?: Facebook, I don’t really understand how Twitter works.

Favorite role: Stella in Stella & Lou because she’s so much like me and I got to work with two lovely actors: Chris Kendall and Peter Marullo.

Bucket List role: Amanda in The Glass Menagerie because I love misunderstood monsters.

Explain Mud Blue Sky: It’s a slice of life comedy about a group that’s very underrepresented in theater– middle-aged women who work, and work hard, but are barely keeping their heads above water. It’s about how women go through their lives taking care of other people’s needs: their anxieties, their loneliness, their thirst, their hunger, their shitty diapers, their vomit bags, even their deaths. And how this can drain the life out of you. And how it gets harder and harder to make the connections that can sustain you and bring you joy. Oh, and it’s very funny.

Tell us about your role: It’s just a little role, but it really echoes for me. Angie was a lovely flight attendant who was good at her job, who treasured her job. But she could not maintain the physical standard of beauty that is still such a crippling standard faced by women in almost every industry. The world loses when women are dismissed and discounted because they don’t fit some immature ideal of what women are supposed to look like. With the loss of her uniform, Angie has lost her identity.

What should audiences take away from Mud Blue Sky? An appreciation for what women give, at a cost to themselves, on a daily basis, to make life smoother and softer for everyone. That kindness to each other is vital. And that women can be very funny together.

One interesting fact about yourself: I have the most wonderful husband in the whole world.

Emma Messenger and the cast of ‘Mud Blue Sky’ now at The Edge Theater Company. Photo Credit: RDG Photography

Ticket Information:

Created by: Marisa Wegrzyn

Directed by: Robert Kramer

Playing at: The Edge Theater Company

1560 Teller Street, Lakewood CO 80214.

Runs until: July 2

Tickets: $28

Get tickets: 303-232-0363 or online at

Thurs/Fri/Sat @ 8 p.m.; Sun @ 6 p.m.

Cast List:

Patty Ionoff

Emily Paton Davies

Emma Messenger

Erik Thurston



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Meet the Cast: Emma Messenger in 'Mud Blue Sky'
Meet Emma Messenger

Messenger plays Angie in The Edge Theater Company’s production of Mud Blue Sky.

Hometown: Birmingham, England. But I grew up in Texas.

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