Wildflowers rock the basement of the Tivoli

Wildflowers rock the basement of the Tivoli

Photos by Mikala Redel • Take the long hallway toward the Tivoli brewery and follow the half-hidden staircase to the right. Walk down one flight of stairs, past the door to the billiard’s room, down another flight of stairs and you’ll find a brightly decorated sign that reads, “DIME DENVER.” This basement studio is […]

Daytime Duo 2/9/2017

This week’s guests are Leah Marvin-Riley, Matt Rouch and Nick Thomas, plus Avery and Deanna dish on the Lady Gaga, the Santa Clarita Diet, the NOH8 campaign comes to Denver and more.

Dave Matthews rocks the vote in Denver

South African-born singer-songwriter Dave Matthews performed a solo concert Monday, Oct. 10, at the National Western Complex Stadium Arena in support of Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine. Matthews’ nearly 30-minute solo set featured Dave Matthews Band staples, “Ants Marching,” “One Sweet World,” and “Satellite.” “Samurai Cop,” a new song which debuted earlier this year, […]

Elephante “I Am The Elephante” review

Elephante “I Am The Elephante” review

Producer and songwriter Elephante is without a doubt an up-and-coming icon. Producing an era defining atmosphere, the Harvard graduate walks a thin line between classic pop lyricism and modern electronic dance music. His debut 9 track EP titled “I Am The Elephante” is a modern symphony of progressive house, synthpop and trap coated in breathy trance-like lyrics. […]

Lady Gaga “Perfect Illusion” review

She’s back. Following her 2013 flop “ARTPOP,” Lady Gaga disappeared to reinvent herself. Headlining the following year in collaboration with jazz legend Tony Bennett, Gaga shed the gimmicks for the traditional pop/jazz collaboration LP “Cheek to Cheek.” Although the LP was a step away from her traditional style, “Cheek to Cheek” highlighted Gaga’s vocal ability behind all the […]

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